5 Tips for ordering Swag & Giveaways in our New World!

  • Aug 5, 2022

5 Tips for ordering Swag & Giveaways in our New World!
Have your company no matter how big or small...MAKE AN IMPACT!! Consider Our Earth, Our Home, Our Air, Our Water, & Our Environment! The business world has changed so dramatically since COVID & Global Warming! When things are changing…change with it.
The cornerstone of customer relationships is you and your Swag Bag, Giveaways, and Corporate Gifting.
Take a significant look at your SWAG and make your "SWAG" show you are in
sync with what is going on globally. 
Think - Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, Sustainable! We have a Link on our main page of our website! www.isringhausprinting.com
 1. T-shirts are the main stay for every event giveaway.
Try thinking recycle or promote repurposing old shirts. People are more likely to keep and wear a nice well branded T-shirt. Make it memorable so it just does not end up being a "trash & trinket" giveaway. Try to repurpose your old t-shirts into something new! Schedule a Recycle More curbside pickup. The Recycle More Program picks up your old t-shirts, and other clothing (including shoes) and make sure they are going to reused or recycle them. Or check your local recycle programs.
2. Think Quality NOT Quantity!
Giving out a keychain or a pen are most certainly a fantastic way to give to the masses.
But when it counts, think Quality! A well branded quality product is the better way to gift your item to the professionals that are looking at what your giveaway represents! I would rather 250 nice tumblers or Recycled Water Bottles to give to the right audience of people than 1000 so-so pens. Just munch on that idea! It will make sense! A budget can work with nice products and help work towards a better ROI!
Ask a long-time promotional professional. Their expertise can give you options to help you represent your company and stay within the budget.
3. Display a nice giveaway at your table and request your attendees fill out a "Permission Marketing" form OR a business card fishbowl instead of handing out items.
4. Consider ordering recycled, reusable, or recyclable items for giveaways!
Check out our website with an easy Recycled/Recyclable link on our main page.
5. When you put out in the business world your company helping toward
better stewardship of giveaways. Things tend to come back to you with your
positive message that YOU CARE!
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