Being Creative in all your marketing is just business! Sometimes it is just Dog Gone Cute too!

  • Dec 26, 2017

walking billboardWho can resist to talk about their dog.  Their best friend, their confidant, their friend forever.  When you give away a brand you want it to speak about your company to customer, from the smallest customer to the largest.  When you lend yourself to a little "outside the box" marketing.  Remember how many people have a dog for a pet.  The numbers are staggering!  Think how nice to receive a nice gift that you can give to those special customers who love their dogs.  Think how they will remember the thought that is past just a "pen" but something that means something to the customer.  Our furry friends are fun and who doesn't love to add a little panache to their best friend.  

When you want to make an impact for your customers...think about over 40% of people in the US own a dog.  So pass on your gesture of loving our favorite furry friend and show your company has a place in its heart, not just for business but also for a little something extra for their adorable pet.

They are always happy so spread the bandanna treat and show your company loves dogs too!!!



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