• Nov 20, 2023

It's YOU! It really is. This world needs you to work at how our world works for you every day. That means when you get up, decide on who you are and what you want to give or take from today. Just be open to a simple or a great act of kindness toward other people. This is what bridges gaps in our families, our work families, and our society, and starts with you each and every day. From simple things to heroic stepping up. These are the building blocks of us as human beings. This isn't a go to church kindness that stops once you leave. This is a drill down into humanity when you get up and start your day. When you walk out the door you can help with any simple act of kindness and giving, it shows who you really are. People see this in you because you will glow with beautiful happiness that people want to share because of you and your actions. It shows up in everything you do. From nurturing and uplifting your spouse, your children, your coworkers, or giving the elderly a hand. This is who you are and what effects our community and our world. Do something wonderful today and let it resonate. There are wonderful people that will in turn uplift you. Recognize it and pass it on. And whether it is a one-on-one kindness or if you are capable... on a global level of helping humans that truly need others to help them. The scope is great, but the action can be beautiful and blessed. Giving of your hearts and sharing of your "faith others and in helping others" is crucial to our species and to our planet's survival. Here is to you experiencing and receiving something wonderful today! Have a Very Beautiful and Blessed Holiday Week! (All year round)!

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