Print-ready files are accepted in the following formats:

File Extensions Description/Program Used


Adobe Illustrator drawing or vector graphics file


Encapsulated postscript image file created using Adobe Illustrator; designed   for high resolution printing of illustrations; standard file format for   importing and exporting PostScript files


Corel Draw Vector drawing file


Tag Image File Format; preferred bitmap graphics format for high-resolution   postscript printing

.jpg or .jpeg

standard format for photographic image compression developed by the Joint   Photographic Experts Group


Bitmap file created using Adobe Photoshop


InDesign   Document from Adobe Systems


Portable Document File from   Adobe Acrobat


Document file associated with Microsoft   Publisher

Quick Facts about Bitmap Images

  • Bitmap images are made up of colored dots (pixels) in a grid
  • Also known as raster images
  • Resolution dependent – resizing affects image quality
  • Scanned images and digital photos are bitmaps

Quick Facts about Vector Images

  • Vector Images are made up of individual objects composed of lines and shapes   with different attributes such as color.
  • Resolution Independent – scaling images does not affect quality
  • Smaller file size
  • Not suitable for photo-realistic reproduction
  • Fonts are vector objects

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